12 Cell Rig

12 Cell Rig

12 Cell Rig

We’ve taken a radical departure with our chest rigs. Instead of using traditional Cordura and webbing to construct the platform, we’ve laser cut our HANK composite fabric to make lightweight, low profile load carriage systems. The laser cut slots are spaced the same as bar tacked webbing, so they are compatible with any MOLLE pouch. We’ve used a more solid cut-out shape than other laser cut gear. It allows the user to mount short pouches at 1” increments, as if there were 5 rows of web PALS stacked next to each other. The high friction fabric locks together with the PALS Panels on our pouches to form a tight, very low profile rig. Pouches lay closer to the rig than with normal web or plastic clips.

Rigs are supplied with our H-Harness, and can be easily adapted to attach directly to armor carriers.

The ICE 12 Cell Rig provides the equivalent of 12 columns and 3 rows of PALS. It has enough capacity for a full fighting load.

  • Dimensions:  20” x7”
  • Weight:  8.4 oz.
  • Colors: Black or Coyote
  • Price: $70.00

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