ICE Tactical manufactures a complete line of advanced tactical equipment & clothing that exceeds the demands of today’s operators.

We offer a complete systems approach to protective clothing, load bearing, and personal protective equipment. Our clothing and equipment are designed to work together to offer better environmental protection, camouflage, comfort, and ease of use than any other manufacturer.

Our Difference

We’ve created gear for over 20 years that has been used by Special Operations teams, SWAT, FBI, NASA, and all branches of the military. Recent work includes G Suit and Survival Vest designs for the U.S. Air Force. Our design work has included flight certified insulated clothing for the Antarctic and Arctic. We designed and manufactured the revolutionary SIPE program for Natick Labs that led to the Land/Future Force Warrior programs with advanced Chem/Bio, ballistic, and environmental protection. Our civilian clothing has been worn on top of Mount Everest and climbed the hardest mixed ice routes in the Canadian Rockies, New England, and Colorado. We look at all the ergonomic and functional needs of today’s operators and build products that reflect the change in the modern battlefield.

Our clean designs are made to enhance user efficiency. From total modularity to easily accessible ergonomic features, our gear and clothing make your job easier.