ICE has been involved in many unique design projects. Many of these projects were for the U.S. Government, and usually required a very fast concept-to-prototype time cycle. Many of these projects used new materials and construction techniques to combat modern battlefield threats facing the modern soldier.

Current and past projects for ICE and other clients have included:

  • G Suit and Survival Vest designs for the U.S. Air Force.
  • Outdoor clothing and equipment for the outdoor recreation market. Waterproof breathable outerwear, insulated garments, hand-wear, sleep systems, softshell, and fleece.
  • Numerous sample and prototype design projects for W.L. Gore, eVent fabrics, Malden Mills, Albany International (PrimaLoft), and other fabric manufacturers.
  • Design, development, and rapid prototyping of ballistic, load carriage, chem/bio, and environmental protective clothing for the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, and US Marines.
  • Numerous government contracts for hand-wear, rain suits, cold weather clothing, and tactical gear. Customers have included the US Army Natick Research Labs, NASA, US Department of Agriculture, Air National Guard, US Navy Special Warfare, US Army Rangers, US Air Force, and private security contractors.
  • Designed, developed, and sampled several new product lines for commercial outdoor brands.
  • Designed and oversaw production of a rope ascender for the US Army mountain warfare kit.
  • Extensive design and development of clothing for both military and recreational water borne use, including dry-suits and undergarments. Developed welding techniques for latex cuffs and collars.
  • Completed the design, testing, and prototypes of the new US Marine Corp. Sleep System. Currently in testing in Alaska.


  • Designed and sampled a new coverall to be worn by field agents from the US Department of Agriculture for protection from Mad Cow disease.
  • Designed and produced a unique clothing system/sleeping bag for the BC Mobilities Opportunity Society. These bags are used by disabled people using the Trailrider, a unique off road wheelchair. These bags offered complete protection from the elements for persons with limited or no feeling in their limbs.


  • Designed and continually updated an extreme coldweather clothing system for the US Air Force. This was a flight certified Nomex GoreTex shell with Primaloft insulation. This system is used by flight crews operating in both Polar Regions and Air Force special operations.


  • Designed and produced a cold weather clothing system used by the National Science Foundation in the South Pole. This was an insulated fire resistant used by refueling crews and occupants of the U.S. South Pole station.


  • Working with the U.S. Army Natick Research and Development Labs, designed and built the Soldier Integrated Protective Ensemble. The SIPE system was a testbed for new technologies to protect the soldier of the twenty-first century. This system weighed less than current equipment and protected a foot soldier from battlefield threats including environmental factors, small arms, directed energy weapons, and nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. This proof-of-concept project was a huge success, and has led to further advances in modern battlefield protection. This was the precursor to Objective Force Warrior.